2019 Festival weekend

SpeleoFilmFestival 2019.

These year SpeleoFilmFestival is officially finished. Thank you all for participating.

The ninth SpeleoFilmFestival, organised by the NGO Osmica from Karlovac was held together with annual Croatian cavers meeting in Pazin, September, 22-24, 2019.

We start with joining the presentation of caving and science for children of town Pazin in Friday, 22nd. The program is called STEAM, 21st century explorers… Children can learn about nature science, protected areas, caves, caving, movies, ropes….and so much more… More then 500 children from preschool and elementary school’s from town Pazin did see ours presentation’s. Interaction with children was incredible. So much question’s… 

In the afternoon SpeleoFilmFestival program start for citizents of town Pazin and cavers that attend annual meeting of Croatian cavers. This year more then 360 cavers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy attended the meeting. Lots of lectures, exhibitions, counters with books and equipment, movies, interactions was presented on a meeting. During the Friday (afternoon and evening) and Saturday (whole day) caving movies was presented repeatedly. On Friday we presented awarded movies from previous Festivals and during the Saturday movies that was applied on SpeleoFilmFestival 2019.  

On Saturday night, the winners of the SpeleoFilmFestival 2019. were announced and the awards of our sponsors were awarded to the best movies. Thank you CAT phones Croatia, BiM sport (Petzl), City of Karlovac, Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association. Great caving party after the program was held in Indian’s MC Croatia. It was a great weekend and we hope to see you all next year.

SpeleoFilmFestival 2018. – results:

21 movies from 13 countries applied and according to propositions 15 competed for prizes this year, giving the festival national and international recognition, as one of the very few festivals with similar topics in the world. The jury of 5 members awarded the following 3 films:

  • 3rd prize for Eren Arpacik: ”Tales from Underground”, Turkey, 5:28. Summary: This is a very short version of an expedition to a cave called Yarik Sinkhole which has been discovered and explored to the bottom, -553 meters in Taseli region where ASPEG exploring for the last 8 years.
  • 2nd prize for Darryl Jensen: “Reappearing River”, Canada, 10:10. Summary: A group of energetic cave divers venture far into Reappearing River trying to find the water’s source. On push day, the end of the line is moved to a depth greater than 75 meters. Do they find the way forward?
  • 1st prize for Andy and Antonia Freem: “Why We Go Underground”, UK, 9:00. Summary: This film was produced to show non-cavers the nature of the sport and to attract new members to caving clubs in the UK. There were over 100 covers involved in the film. The film was created this year, though some of the clips are from previous years, Over 40 different underground caves and mines in the UK are shown and the various aspects of underground exploration, science, rescue and sport caving are illustrated. The music is an original soundtrack.