2018 Festival weekend

We start with joining the presentation of caving and science for children of town Ogulin in friday 23.11.2018. The program is called STEAM, 21st century researches…Children can learn about nature science, caves, caving, movies, ropes….and so much more…More then 1000 children from elementary school’s from town Ogulin did see ours presentation’s. Interaction with children was incredible. So much question’s… 🙂

In the evening SpeleoFilmFestival program start for cavers that attend annual meeting of Croatian cavers. This year more then 250 cavers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy attended the meeting. Lots of lectures, exhibitions, counters with books and equipment, movies, interactions was presented on a meeting. During the friday evening and saturday caving movies was presented repeatedly. On Saturday night, the winners of the SpeleoFilmFestival were announced and the awards of our sponsors were awarded to the best films and the lucky cavers from the audience. Thank you Elwork speleo (Elspeleo caving lights), CAT phones Croatia, Vagor d.o.o. (Northland Professional), BiM sport (Petzl), City of Karlovac, Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association. Great caving party after the program was held in Dream rock caffe. It was a great weekend and we hope to see you all next year.

SpeleoFilmFestival 2018. – results:

22 films from 12 countries competed for prizes this year, giving the festival national and international recognition, as one of the very few festivals with similar topics in the world. The jury of 5 members awarded the following 3 films:

  • 3rd prize for Jose Aguilera: ”The caves of the hill of Las Motillas” Spain 15:00 Summary: During the last 50 years cavers have explored this hill outside and, mostly, inside and have been involved into its conservation and study. In this documentary we journey from the upper entrance to the lower one through a labyrinth of galleries and talk about how we found the connection between them.
  • 2nd prize for Philip Lehman: “Spirits of the cave” Dominican republic 8:00 Summary: In September 2017 Ryan Dart, Phillip Lehman and Patrick Widmann returned to further explore Anjanamba, a cave in southwestern Madagascar. Originally uncovered a year prior by Dart and Lehman Anjanamba from the surface did not seem like anything special. Unbeknownst to them Anjanamba would become a most mystical voyage and the cave a geological behemoth. Here cave spirits will swarm on your brain like flies on a mound of hippo dung, every tunnel goes big and everything is completely different than anywhere else on the planet.
  • 1st prize for: Lerner Balazs, Gergely Balazs: “Budapest inferno (exploration scene)” Hungary 10:00 Summary: Life on Earth is fed by sunlight – so one could think that the lack of sunlight means no life at all. The truth is just the opposite: a closer look reveals that most dark caves present wildlife in abundance. Recently cave divers and biologists have found previously unknown species under the picturesque capital of Hungary. The Molnár János Cave, the largest underwater thermokarst cave in Europe, has many more secrets to store. Following decided explorers BUDAPEST INFERNO reveals the never before seen underground wonders of Budapest and the deepest secrets of evolution.