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Info 2018.

Info 2018.

Due to increased last minute interest, the deadline for applications and submissions is prolonged till Monday 12.11.2018.

Don’t be lazy Join in. So far we received movies from UK, Germany, USA, Spain, France, Croatia, Moldova, Italy & Slovenia.

This year SpeleoFilmFestival is going to be held together with annual meeting of Croatian cavers. It is a weekend gethering of around 200-300 cavers from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italia and small number of other guests countries. This event will took place in town Ogulin from 23.-25.11. Info about town Ogulin:

Exact program of event will be published week before the meeting but in general is like this:

  • Friday (23.11.) morning and during the day: – lectures and presentations for elementary and high school pupils of town Ogulin (caving, caving techniques, movies…).
    In the evening: – gethering of cavers, opening of exhibitions, presentation of SpeleoFilmFestival movies, party.
  • Saturday (24.11.) morning till Sunday probably: – whole day lectures about cave exploration in Croatia and world expedition, presentation of SpeleoFilmFestival movies, exhibitions, best cave photo contest, promotional counters with caving gear and magazines, speleoparty…
  • Sunday (25.11.) morning: round tables about cave protection, field trip (cave under city)…

How it was on last meeting that was in Ogulin you can see in gallery (try to translate it with google , sorry)

Entry fee for meeting is 50 Kn (what is around 8 Euro) and in prize is included one hot meal, meeting materials and accomodation. Accomodation in organized in heated sport hall so you need only sleeping bag. If you are looking for something else try to search here:

Looking forward to seeing you all 

All information about the Festival can be found here.

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2018. application deadline

2018. application deadline

There is still 18 more days for applications, so don’t be lazy, go out there and explore, caves are waiting for you. Just don’t forget to film it and send us your work . So far we receive movies from USA, Spain, UK, Slovenia, France and Germany. Application deadline is November 10th, 2018. All information about the Festival can be found here.

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SpeleoFilmFestival 2018.

This year SpeleoFilmFestival will be held in Ogulin, Croatia from 23-25 of November 2018 together with the annual Croatian cavers metting. There will be a lot of cavers, lectures, exhibitions, movies, fun…and so much more. All information about the Festival can be found here.

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SFF 2017.

SPELEO FILM FESTIVAL – Aquatika Karlovac, September 23rd, 2017

The seventh Speleo Film Festival, organised by the NGO Osmica from Karlovac took place at the Aquatika, Karlovac on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. This year’s edition gathered together around 150 hikers and cavers from all around Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Germany as well as other nature lovers from Karlovac and its surroundings. Patrons of the Festival were the City of Karlovac, Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association and Aquatika Karlovac.

Speleological film holds a significant role in speleological exploration because of its ability to present authentic underground environment in all its beauty, previously accessable only to a small number of specially trained people – speleologists. The value of recorded scenes beyond the surface is even greater if observed from non-specalized viewer’s perspective. Films displayed in recent festivals showed viewers all the beauty of speleological decorations and hidden touristic possibilities the underground holds. They presented the various life beyond the surface, acknowledged as one of the bearers of biodiversity in Croatia. They exhibited the results and valuable scientific information from many speleological explorations and expeditions to different, exotic parts of the world and a lot more.

20 films from 13 countries competed for prizes this year, giving the festival national and international recognition, as one of the very few festivals with similar topics in the world. The jury of 5 members awarded the following 3 films:

  • 3rd prize for „SIGNAL SEEKER – A SHORT STORY ABOUT BO LENANDER’S LIFELONG JOURNEY“ by Janne Suhonen from Finland and Antti Apunen from Sweden.
  • 2nd prize for „OUR CAVE (VEREVKINA CAVE)“ by Petr Lyubimov from Russia
  • 1st prize for: „NELL’INFERNO DEL MONTE KRONIO“ by Tullio Bernabei from Italy

Prizes were provided by the festival sponsors: Northland professional, BiM sport and Elwork speleo,

The organising committee of the festival and the organiser would like to thank everyone for their support. As the festival is growing each year we are very excited to be able to implement new ideas in the near future, making Karlovac a unique tourist destination for cavers and all the nature lovers.

For the Organising Committe of the Festival

Damir Basara